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Magic Mushrooms Blog Calgary

Magic Mushrooms Blog Calgary & latest news about what is going on in the Magic Mushrooms and Psychedelic world! This page is to inform you about big news around the Shroom Boom!

With Health Canada now giving the green light on Mushrooms, we are proud that mushrooms are now available for everyone who is in need!

There are a wide range of Magic Mushroom products now available on the market ranging from dried mushroom, edibles and even mushroom teas!

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Microdosing magic mushrooms and other psychedelic’s has been getting a lot of attention! It consists of ingesting very low amounts psilocybin(sub-hallucinogenic doses) consistently throughout the day.. Some notable benefits that were noticed in studies with microdosing magic mushrooms include: having antidepressant or anti-anxiety effects. Some studies how found that performance was significantly greater on tests of convergent and divergent thinking!

Magic Mushrooms Calgary are very popular and medical grade quality! Whether you are going on that early morning hike or that late night stroll by the river, we’ve got you covered! If you are a beginner be sure to always start low. gradually increase your dose over time!

Magic Mushrooms Calgary – DID YOU KNOW? Psychedelic’s drug therapy is now offered at a Calgary clinic, the first of its kind in Alberta!

In January, an Airdrie man with terminal cancer received the first federally approved magic mushroom treatment in Alberta. This week, the first clinic in the province to use psychedelic therapy has opened in Calgary.

The ATMA Urban Journey Clinic is in northwest Calgary and will be a training centre for mental health professionals from across Canada.

CEO David Harder says the clinic is the result of decades of research and trial studies.

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