Faded 450MG Chocolate Bar – Cookies & Cream

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Faded Cannabis Co.


You’ve been asking and now they’ve fully obliged. Faded Cannabis Co. introduces their new line of delectable THC infused chocolate bars. Their sweet take on all your favourite classics are infused with a whopping 450mg of THC – say goodbye to boring over-the-counter medicine and say hello to a new, delicious way to get your daily intake of beneficial cannabinoids. Faded Cannabis Co. has solidified their reputation as one of Canada’s premier producers of accurately dosed, potent cannabis edibles over the years, and have perfected their craft to ensure they provide Canadians with safe and affordable products. This unique twist on a classic favourite combines crunchy chocolate cookie bits and premium, smooth white chocolate. Take a moment to truly indulge with Faded Cannabis Co. Mint Dark Chocolate Bars. Rich, dark chocolate infused with a delicious minty sensation to create an exquisite experience.


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