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Cannamobile has been satisfying clients for eight years. Experience fast and convenient shopping, plus SAME-DAY delivery with us. Shop from our wide selection of proven high-quality edibles, strains, concentrates, flowers, and more!

High-Quality Cannabis

Purchase only top-shelf weed from us. Our products are grown by licensed producers, lab-tested, and curated with care to meet your needs. We’ve got the premium, quality stuff.

100% Lab Tested

Exotic Craft Cannabis

High Quality

Top-shelf weed available

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Fast Delivery

Same day weed delivery

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We’ve got your cannabis needs covered!

CannaMobile offers a wide range of products for your cannabis needs! Edibles, concentrates, pens and tanks — you name it! We’ve got it all in high quality for you.

  • Guaranteed, we only offer premium products.
  • Quality tested.
  • Grown by licensed producers.
  • Tempting? We also offer them at an insanely good price!

You’re our valued client! Our satisfied customer reviews keep us in business for years. Keep in touch with us through our live chat and get your questions and concerns answered.

Shop weed online with CannaMobile and experience damn FAST delivery. Straight to your doorstep!

Why CannaMobile

No one rivals with the best. It’s all out there in customer reviews!

CannaMobile lets you experience living in the best era, where marijuana and your cannabis needs are delivered the moment you get your food out of the oven. We’re that FAST!

What we offer:

  • Same-Day Weed Delivery
  • Fresh weed products every day.
  • Wide selection of strains, seeds, concentrates, edibles, and more.
  • Good deals. Major discounts from Monday – Friday.
  • Friendly staff and responsive customer service
  • Convenience

Most Trusted Dispensary in Canada

CannaMobile is the most credible dispensary near you.

We know what it’s like to find a credible weed dispensary in Canada. And we know how hard it is to trust one!

We know a good weed from a lousy weed. Guaranteed our cannabis is cultivated and cured only to the highest standards. And you won’t run out of product options!

Whether you’re a first-time shopper or a valued patron, we ensure our dispensaries and website are easy to navigate.

We build our reputation around customers who refer us to friends and colleagues. We improve our service every day for you.

We can’t afford to lose you, valued customer!

Latest Blog Posts

If you’ve been living with anxiety and finding a way to manage it, you’ve probably heard of people recommending CBD. Primarily in Canada, where CBD products have been legal since 2018, you’ve often heard of it.
If you’ve been living with anxiety and finding a way to manage it, you’ve probably heard of people recommending CBD. Primarily in Canada, where CBD products have been legal since 2018, you’ve often heard of it.
Among the numerous ways of cannabis consumption, pre-rolls are an interesting and infamous one. Pre-rolls, also known as pre-rolled joints, enable cannabis consumers to enjoy the high immediately.


We accept payment in cash and E-transfer only (Debit & Credit cards are not accepted).

It’s simple!

First, select the city you’re in and you will be redirected to our Location page. Browse and add to the cart your desired weed products. Quickly review your cart.

Once you press checkout, you must log in first or register. Then, confirm your order and payment information. You have successfully placed your order!

Yes, upon registration you must upload a picture of your ID. You can cover your ID Number as we do not need it.

We offer same day weed delivery service for every order placed in the Lower Mainland of B.C. & in Calgary Alberta. We now offer 2 hour time slots:








We have the best loyalty programs in the market! For every dollar spent, you will receive a point. Redeem them upon checkout.

Customer Reviews



Quick service, fantastic products, constantly rotating selection…CannaMobile is hands down the best delivery service currently operating in the GVRD. Presentable,



ACMPR patient waiting on a supply. Didn’t feel like going all the way into town. Took a chance wow thanks



Had a delivery today! Was told that I’d wait 20-30 minutes since they were on the other end of the city and they ended up being on time! Very impressive service!



Best delivery that i have found. Extremely fast and friendly drivers. Will use this service all the time.

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