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What separates the distillation process from others is, well of course the technology that’s been incorporated to Cannabis laboratories. Using a “Short Path Distillation” process that is new to the marijuana field.
Manitoba’s plan to allow the private sector to sell cannabis has sparked a flurry of activity across the province as businesses prepare to enter the market and the City of Winnipeg plans to regulate where weed retailers can set up shop next summer.
Searching through the internet for accurate information nowadays is one of the most challenging things to do. While there are some perennially reputable sources that offer accurate, knowledgeable information, many simply spread unfounded, irresponsible “facts” that offer completely the wrong advice to those in need.
The Ontario government has announced a framework to manage the sale and use of marijuana, which includes an online ordering service and roughly 150 stand-alone stores.
Research has found that smoking cannabis/pot in your teens can lead to a decline in I.Q., but similar effects were not seen in those who started smoking as adults.

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