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Features:|Convection heating|Stainless steel chamber|Single-button operation|8 heat settings between 170C and 210C – 4 base settings of 170C 180C 19


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Features:|Convection heating|Stainless steel chamber|Single-button operation|8 heat settings between 170C and 210C – 4 base settings of 170C 180C 190C and 210C plus the ability to boost each by 5 degrees|For herbs or wax concentrates|90min of battery life|Includes:|Utillian 721 Vaporizer|Tweezers|Wax canister|Cleaning brush|USB cable|O-ring screen set||The Utillian 721 is newest vaporizer unit from the popular Utillian portable vaporizer line. This latest release updates the design of the Utilian 720 with increased battery life. The new larger battery provides 90 minutes of usage time out of the standard 18650 battery available from 180 Smoke. The vaporizer uses a convection heating system that provides excellent vapor quality and features 8 heat settings in an easy to use form factor.||The Utillian 721 is compatible with both dry herbs and wax concentrates and features a stainless steel heating chamber that heats up in 1 minute. A removable concentrate dish prevents residue buildup in the oven and allows for simple thorough cleaning. The device is operated by a single button and it’s 8 heat settings range from 170C to 215C.||Utillian has been a pioneer in the herbal vaporizer industry since its inception and has carved out a distinct identity for itself thanks to amazing devices such as the Uttilian 420 the Utillian 720 the Utillian 421 and the iconic Utillian 5. Based off the 720 the Utillian 721 takes inspiration from its predecessor but implements a host of new features including improved battery life and a replacement mouthpiece. These new features along with several other upgrades make the Utillian a very compelling portable vaporizer that offers vapers a high level of flexibility customizability and overall performance.||As the latest addition to the Utillian herbal vaporizer lineup the Utillian 721 has some fairly large shoes to fill as it continues the tradition of performance set by its predecessors. Thankfully the Utillian 721 fits the legacy of Utillian and manages to stand out as one of the best devices the company has produced. The capabilities of the 721 are quite impressive as is the overall construction of the device. Ultimately the Utillian 721 is one of the best portable vaporizers on the market and has very few competitors in this space.||As with the majority of portable vaporizers there are always critics that discount the device’s capabilities based on size. While these assumptions may be true of some portable vaporizers it is far from the truth for the Utillian 721. Packed with eight preset heating options a convection heating chamber a magnetic twist mouthpiece and a 2300mAh battery. The device can even work with both dry herb material as well as with waxes and concentrates.||Ultimately the Utillian presents vapers an impressive compact offering that strikes a perfect balance between portability and performance. The design of the device maintains a very modern aesthetic giving users some hint to the potential capabilities of the Utillian 721. At the same time the shape of the mod seems purpose built to fit comfortably in the hand while the ridges on the side of the device help users maintain a tight grip on their 721. These external details help push the device as an ideal option for many users whether it be for at home or on the go.||Design and Features|In terms of design the Utillian 721 looks almost identical to the 720 and shares many of the same measurements. In terms of size the Utillian 721 measures in at 17 x 10 x 7 cm making it incredibly compact and easy enough to stow away in a pocket or small bag. The exterior is constructed of high-quality materials and is coated with a rubberized exterior to give it a sense of security when in a users hand. This rubberized exterior also gives the Utillian 721 a decent degree of durability in the event you drop or impact your device. The curved outlines of the device help it fit comfortably in the hand while the distinct ridges carved into the side of the device help further with grip.||Aside from the distinct body of the Utillian 721 the device also features a few other body elements that make the device more comfortable to use. First and foremost is the magnetic mouthpiece. Unlike the majority of vaporizers which utilize a press fit 510 mouthpiece the Utillian 721 is magnetic and twists out like a draw straw. The design of the mouthpiece also makes filling the device much easier thanks to a sloping lip which prevents cannabis crumbs from gathering around the mouthpiece and clogging the device. The design of the magnetic mouthpiece also helps prevent against overheating even when the Utillian 721 is running at full temp.||Battery|In terms of internals the Utillian 721 features a 2300mAh lithium-ion battery — a considerable upgrade over the Utillian 720 — which provides users with 60 minutes of continuous battery life. The device can be charged at a fairly rapid rate through the micro USB port located on the bottom of the device. Unlike some other herbal vaporizers which require a proprietary charger the Utillian 721 stands out because of its use of a universal charging port for its 18650 battery.||Temperature Control|While the improved battery makes the Utillian 721 a compelling choice for many vapers the true appeal of the device lies in its performance and the customizability it offers users. Out of the box the Utillian 721 will come with four base temperature settings|170C 180C 190C and 210C. This may seem somewhat limiting but the Utillian 721 comes with the ability to boost each temperature range by five degrees by using the œEnhanced Mode. This brings the Utillian 721 up to eight distinct temperature settings as high as 215C that are sure to please any vaper. An LED light can be found on the mouthpiece of the device and is used to indicate where the temperature is at and whether the device has been successfully locked or not.||All of the features on the device are controlled via a single button ensuring simplicity and a user friendly experience. The button is oversized and offers a satisfying click when pressed.||Overall Performance|While design features and specs may make the Utillian 721 sounds tempting on paper the true test of the device is how it performs in real life. Thankfully the Utillian 721 does not disappoint and is one of the best portable vaporizers in terms of vapor and flavour production. The abilities of the Utillian 721 come primarily from its use of true convection making it ideal for the heating of botanical and wax.||Unlike conduction heating the true convection method used by Utillian ensures any material placed in the device is enveloped in heated air. This ensures all the material is properly vaporized and one specific section does not burn. Not only does this help user get the most out of their material but it also offers users fantastic clouds a more mild throat hit and great tasting vapor comparable to Crafty by Storz and Bickel.||

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