A Complete Guide to Cannabis Concentrates, Its Types, and More

A Complete Guide to Cannabis Concentrates, Its Types, and More

Cannabis is a world-famous plant, term, and concept that has got everyone talking about it with its potential perks. If you think you are familiar with everything about cannabis types just by knowing edibles and oils, then you might be living under a rock.

Weed concentrates or Cannabis concentrates are popular for their potent material.

Concentrates are the good stuff that is processed from the plant after the whole extraction process. Extraction is removing the excess plant matter to have only desired material of the plant.

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What are Cannabis Concentrates?

According to a report by drugfacts, hair-like compounds on cannabis plants are collectively called cannabis concentrates. Concentrates have relatively high levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that cause mind-altering effects. In simpler words, concentrates are a concentration of THC and other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Concentrates are available in all shapes and sizes and are prepared using diverse extraction techniques.

The dominating cannabinoids of the plant are CBD and THC. However, THC content may vary in concentrations, making you experience 50% to 90% high. If you are a newbie to cannabis, it is wise to choose weed concentrates with less THC. 

Different Methods of Extraction

The process of extracting the stuff or desired content of concentrates is called extraction. There are numerous methods of extraction that are used for obtaining the desired potent stuff with varied THC content in it. Let us take a look at the famous extraction methods.

  • Butane Hash OilButane Hash Oil, aka BHO, is a complex extraction process where butane is passed over the plant. The BHO extraction method is used to produce the best terpene extracts. In this extraction method, cannabis is required to be placed in a container before starting the extraction process. The BHO extraction method enables experiencing 80% THC levels.
  • Water and IceWater extraction is a solvent-less method of extraction in which the cannabis plant is kept in freezing water. Keeping the cannabis plant in the freezing water strips the trichomes away from the plant. After separating trichomes, it is passed through a series of screens resulting in the final product with 50% to 70% THC levels.
  • CO2 ExtractionCO2 extraction is a non-toxic and environment-friendly process that separates cannabinoids from the cannabis plant easily. There are no traces of toxins left after the CO2 extraction method and is used in various industries such as Beer, Coffee, Fruit extracts, and Tea. It is a great method to extract cannabinoids from the cannabis buds and helps prepare waxes and oils.
  • AlcoholAlcohol, aka Ethanol, is a safe, effective, and efficient extraction process. It is also used as a food preservative and is generally referred safe by the FDA. In the extraction process, the cannabis plant is soaked in ethanol to extract the THC. To purify the product, it is passed through the refining process and removes unwanted impurities for a favorable and purest concentrate.

Types of Concentrates

Concentrates are classified based on the strain they have been extracted from. Ahead we have mentioned the different types of concentrates you can find on dispensary shelves:


Shatter is an impressive pure form of cannabis with glass-like consistency. It is a weed concentrate with a brittle texture that often gets into little pieces when broken apart. It is the purest form of concentrated marijuana, generally clear or amber in color. Furthermore, it goes through an additional extraction process to ensure its purity and potent product. Extraction methods like BHO and PHO are used to make it a potent substance. It is a favorite type of cannabis concentrate among dab enthusiasts owing to its stable form and long-lasting shelf-life.

Extraction type: BHO Extraction

How to use: Dab and Bong


Wax is a sticky, waxy-in-nature type of concentrate. The product has a candle wax-like consistency, which needs to be handled with a dabbing tool. Owing to its extremely sticky and gooey nature, it is easy to experience it using a pin or dab, and it is named budder. The texture can vary depending on the heat and moisture levels during extraction. Don’t be confused with different terms as they can be used to explain all of the softer, more solid texture concentrates.

Extraction type: BHO

How to use: Rig and Vape


Rosin is different from the other categories, prepared without butane. It is prepared from heat and pressure being applied to marijuana buds, kief, or trim to remove the plant resin. Being prepared without solvent extraction makes it a tasty concentrate and favorable among cannabis enthusiasts who tend to enjoy flavors. In addition, it smells amazing with less oil in it. Rosin is easy to prepare and can be ready in minutes as it requires no further purification process. In contrast to other varieties, it is less potent, but the source material can make a slight difference in the potency.

Extraction type: Solventless

How to use: Rig and Vape


Oil is processed with the CO2 extraction method instead of butane. It has a runny and thick consistency and is extracted using CO2. Using a unique form of CO2, oil is rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. It is used in vaporizer cartridges for battery vape pens as these are pre-filled. Unlike BHO, like wax and shatter, oils have a different taste.

CO2 oil can be further refined and called the distillate. The quality distillate can clock in up to 90% hit and make you high. The process of CO2 saves more terpenes as it doesn’t require as high of a temperature. Oil is the most common concentrate in CBD and is used specifically to make edibles.

Extraction type: CO2

How to use: Cartridges, Syringes, and Vape pens


Hash came before extraction processes. Hash has been there for ancient years and can be prepared in various ways. Hash is the traditional concentrate that was prepared traditionally prepared by rubbing buds together and leftover with a sticky thing. The extraction process looks a lot different, where dry sieves are used to separate the good stuff from the plant and filter it through a mesh screen and get the product known as kief. It appears like greenish disks or pucks. Other forms of hash are prepared with ice water and sifted through screens to collect the concentrated cannabis extract.

All types of hash are more potency with 50% to 70%, whereas traditional cannabis flowers have 15% to 20% potency.

Extraction type: Water and Ice

How to use: Bong, e-nail, and dab-rig

As we dig deeper into cannabis concentrates, it becomes complex to understand all the aspects. It is wise to choose cannabis concentrates from a place you can trust. CannaMobile is an online cannabis dispensary where you can find the best weed concentrates and cannabis extracts in Canada with a wide assortment of weed accessories. Shop the weed concentrates of your choice from CannaMobile, available with the best cannabis deals.

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